Heather Flowers Rubbed


Heather flowers are used in traditional Swedish herbal medicine. A low mound of handsome greenery topped by multiple spikes of colored flowers,now grown all over the world heathers are originally native to Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, and northern North America, but are known in Scotish history and lore. Since hops doesn't grow in Scotland and malt was expensive they used Heather to make their heather ale, relying on the heather's nectar for flavor and to help with the fermentation. In Scotland,  due to it's rarity white heather is considered good luck,much in the same way that a 4-leaf clover is in Celtic mythology. Branches are used as broom straw, the leaves flavor beer and tea, the bark can be used for tanning, and the flowers yield nectar for honeybees. Another interesting fact is that Heather flowers are a traditional beer making ingredient and it is popularly used in parts of Europe and especially Ireland.