Elderberry Syrup Kits makes up to 16i-20 oz


This is a kit so you can make elderberry syrup all you will need is 1 kit 1cup of honey or sugar and 30 oz of bottled spring or filtered water. Just bring water and kit to a boil turn down to simmer cover to keep evaporation down let simmer one hour the turn off stir recover and let sit to cool. Prepare your storage jars or container wash and sterilize glass mason jars are the best but you can use a jelly jar with a one piece lid.Let cool to warm stir then strain liquid let sit for a bit and push on berries to extract extra goodness. Discard solids then put liquid back in pot if too cool to dissolve sugar or honey warm a bit til it does once dissolved put liquid into prepared storage jars. Store in refrigerator good for 2-3 was possibly longer.