Dill Weed Imported


Dill weed was originally grown and used in Russia and across to western europe.Now it is grown all over the world. It has a wide use in dishes across Germany and Scandinavia.Recently it has found it's way into home pantries as a staple across America.

Dill weed and dill seed have a very similar flavor,but are not interchangeable in dishes.Dill seed has a strong flavor and dill weed has a mild subtle flavor so they do not substitute one for the other in dishes,dill weed doesn't stand up well to long cooking, as with other herbs it should be added near the end.Dill weed is very good in,chicken salad to flavor potaoes,meat, and to use in pickles and to add flavor to butter and white sauces.

Fun Trivia:In Europe it was believed if you place dill over the door, no one envious of or want to harm you or your family

 could enter your home.