Cayenne Pepper Ground 60 Heat


We carry three heat levels of Cayenne pepper 40,60,90 or 40,000,60,000 or 90,000 on the scoville heat scale.This scale goes from bell pepper which is a 0 to over 2,000,000 which is Carolina reaper which in 2013 became the hottest pepper in the world.

In early american cooking Cayenne pepper was added to dishes not just for the heat, but to enhance other flavors. When the  new world chili pepper's reached the spice trade the first hot one's were cayenne so after that any long slender red hot pepper was called cayenne.This is the pepper you use to spice up any dish. Any time a recipe calls for red pepper, this is the pepper it means. Cayenne pepper is ground using many types of long red tapered peppers.It comes in many forms ground.whole dried,flakes.