Black Garlic Whole Head


Also Known As: Fermented Black Garlic or Fermented American Garlic 

Origin: U.S.A. 

Ingredients: Fermented American Garlic 

Taste and Aroma: Complex and rich flavor. Perfect combination of sweet and savory with tangy garlic undertones. 

Please Note: The consistency of black garlic is slightly mushy, similar to soft dried fruit. 

Uses: Anywhere you would use traditional garlic! Black Garlic adds complexity and deep rich flavor to every dish and lacks the pungent odor of traditional garlic! 

Substitutes: Black Garlic Powder, Garlic Powder Granulated, Garlic Powder Pure,Garlic Salt, Garlic Minced Pieces and Garlic Pepper Rub. 

Fun Fact: Black Garlic contains twice as many antioxidants as traditional raw garlic