Angel Face Flavored Coffee Drip Ground


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Description                                                                                                    This flavored coffee contains nut extract and Dairy                  

The Swiss have a reputation throughout the world for setting the bar on quality chocolate. Since 1819 when Francois –Louis Cailler opened the worlds very first chocolate production facility, which is still in existence today, the Swiss have become the world power of chocolate. Creating the world's first melting chocolate and the world's first milk chocolate; there is no substitute for the superior quality that Swiss chocolate has given us, and that we can then in turn add to the flavor of your coffee. 

With each sip, you'll savor the rich goodness of Swiss chocolate, and the sweet coconut taste from the South Pacific. The two are blended together to bring you our exceptional recipe of Angel Face Flavored coffee that is sure is to please. 


Medium Roast

Swiss Chocolate & Coconut